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Support For ESET® Antivirus


About Anti-virus

A computer virus is a program or code that replicates itself and spreads from one computer to another. Such codes are usually attached to programs like MS Excel, Word, Outlook, Power point, and Word Perfect. When these programs are run the virus attached to it is triggered to run on causing a wide range of problems including file corruption, data deletion, and email spamming.

Viruses are normally spread through:

  • E-mail attachments
  • Rogue Websites
  • Networks
  • Infected Boot Disks
  • Phishing Schemes
  • Infected Software
  • Hackers
  • Instant Messaging
  • Fake Antivirus Software
  • From Mobile Device


Malwares spread very fast these days. Different antivirus companies have introduced different antivirus to provide the best protection against Malwares.

  • Viruses and Trojans often take special action to disguise their presence in the system, or get embedded so deep into the system that it may be not an easy task to root it out. Unfortunately, antivirus programs may be sometimes unable to extract the malicious code smoothly and restore the system's normal operation.
  • There is no proper solution to this problem. Practice shows that the fastest antivirus programs provide no good protection and pass malware like a sieve leaks water. However, the opposite is not correct: a slow antivirus does not necessarily provide adequate protection.


If your computer is infected with a virus, you'll want to remove it as quickly as possible. Sometimes a virus needs to be removed manually. This can become a technical process that you should only undertake if you have experience with the Windows registry and know how to view and delete system and program files in Windows. Our expert technicians can help you :

  • Remove viruses, spyware and other security threats from your system instantly.
  • Our experts can provide instant support to download, install, set up and configure various antispyware products on your PC.
  • Technicians can perform a quick scan to detect and remove spyware hidden in your system files and registry hives with the help dedicated softwares and make your computer protected against malwares.

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How Geeks technical support your issues with ESET?

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